About Us:

BANGK! is an online business community.

Our range of ad-free / banner-free networks & services have been specifically designed to help you achieve the professional success you deserve!

BANGK! members login to a "master" Personal Account, that delivers full and immediate access to a range of our business community services:

Choose from:

  • Personal Account
    • FREE Personal File Storage
    • FREE Identity-Cloaking VPN (Multi-National Virtual Private Network)

  • Business Account(s)
    • FREE Email (for your business!)
    • FREE Toll-free and Local Presence Voicemail (for your business!)
    • FREE Professional Gallery (for your business!)
    • FREE Custom Branded Video Conferencing (for your business!)
    • INSTANT Payment Processing (for your business!)
AND MORE! -- including a voice-powered payment terminal which allows you to accept MasterCard and VISA payments using your mobile phone or web browser -- no dongles, no squares -- just the freedom to set prices and get paid.

Welcome to the e-business revolution.

Welcome to BANGK!

Membership Services:

Our Service Philosophy:
  • ZERO Monthly Fees
  • ZERO Annual Dues

Let's call subscription fees what they are: "extortive". We recognize how much work you will put into creating your online footprint. And the more work you invest, the more you feel the extortive pressure to keep paying those "subscription fees" -- on threat that all your hard work will be shut down. Frankly, that's abusive. In contrast:
  • Buy Lifetime Service(s) from BANGK!
  • Invest your time to build your online footprint.
  • Rest peacefully: Your BANGK! Account is yours for life -- without any monthly leaks or annual dues!!

vpn.BANGK! : Cloak Your Location

Your BANGK! account gives you FREE & UNLIMITED access to the BANGK! VPN -- a multi-national, "virtual private network". (i.e., Guard your location by routing through any of the following jurisdictions: AUS, ARG, CAN, GBR, HKG, ISL, ISR, JPN, USA, ZAF.)

data.BANGK! : Store Your Data

data.BANGK! account gives you FREE & UNLIMITED access to stored data.

BANGK.com : Unlimited Business & Anonymous Accounts

Protect your online identity by creating an unlimited number of public (anonymous) profiles, or create KYC-compliant profiles for exclusive viewing by private clients and partners.

phone.BANGK! : Cloak your Mobile (or Home) Phone.

Your BANGK! account gives you FREE virtual telephone numbers (TOLL-FREE & local presence) telephone numbers (w/ voicemail). (i.e., Never give-out your actual mobile number again! Use your virtual phone.BANGK! numbers for public and social presentation to safeguard you and your family.)

email.BANGK! : Cloak (or Brand) Your Email

Your BANGK! account gives you FREE email services (like Hotmail or Gmail) -- which can be "branded" to USE YOUR OWN DOMAIN and/or YOUR OWN LOGO -- no additional costs. (i.e., Protect email personal inbox from public eyes and spam.)

meet.BANGK! : FREE, P2P-Secured Video Conferencing

Your BANGK! account gives you FREE, always encrypted P2P video conferencing services. (i.e., Your conferences never touch our servers -- so communications are guaranteed to be 100% private).

Video Tutorials:

BANGK! Account Registration

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